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dishwasher repairs bromley

Fixed Price Appliance Repair Services

A. Brassett has been providing Bromley with Dishwasher Repair Services for over 20 years! With hundreds of happy customers we feel we are, without a doubt, one of Londons and the surrounding regions top Dishwasher Repair companies.

We cover the whole of London and the surrounding regions & we have a large team of highly trained, professional, keen to help, Dishwasher Engineers, Technicians and Installers.

If you think your machine is not working properly:
Before you call out a Service Engineer check the following points carefully. These checks could prevent a charge being made calling out an Engineer.

If the programme does not start, check:

If water will not enter, check:

If the dishes are not clean, check:

Limescale can reduce the lifespan of your dishwasher, and build-up can produce nasty odours and this will have an affect on the efficiency of your dishwasher.We recommend calgon descaler sanitiser this helps stop bad odours and lime scale on the heating element which can help prevent machine breakdowns

24/7 Dishwasher Services

With hundreds of happy customers we feel we are, without a doubt, one of Bromley's and the surrounding regions top Appliance companies.

Only the best Dishwasher Engineers and Technicians are employed by us to deliver customer service of the highest standard.

To book a dishwasher repair call 0845 555 9595.


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